We’ve been without a living room for 11 months and I didn’t realise how much I’d missed having one. I was determined the room would be ready for Christmas so we had somewhere to relax as a family. Plus it’s always nice to have a room to create your mark in. The decor just feels so personal, unique, creamy, dreamy and delicious. I feel so content in here when I’m alone and love watching the boys watch Ali A on Youtube when they’re here.

I didn’t think the big sofa would fit in but it’s so comfy and enveloping we had to give it a shot. Lucas really wanted it in here too because he loves to sit on the back of it. The boys helped me carry it in from the garage and thankfully it was still in good condition. The velvet cover had been kept inside though so I knew that wouldn’t be mouldy.

This room has no window of its own, but is still super cosy.

It’s very intimate when friends and family come over and was tested at Christmas and my birthday.

Time to plan a gin party…