I always intended to replace the bath, but to a different location in the room. I have a pet hate for baths that just stop and are not designed to be freestanding.

As you can see from the picture the bath stuck out and wasn’t rounded off per se.

I am a major bath fan but the estate agent said a shower room is adequate in small bungalows. As I plan to sell the house I decided to go for a large walk in shower and no bath.

I will probably regret it, but hey ho!

The toilet has leaked more times than I care to remember but now it is gone and the shower cubicle will take its place.

I didn’t really want the shower in front of the window for obvious reasons.

The sink is going to be replaced but stay in the same place and the loo will go next to it on the wall. This is a complete change of plan, but I really want the room usable by Christmas and we haven’t factored in time for a complete re-plaster so we are going to panel the lower walls.

This is the picture from the agent’s particulars. I took the curtains down straight away as short curtains make me panic.

Will report back when the bathroom is complete…