There have been no wardrobes for 2 years and the Master Bedroom was a dumping ground for boxes of clothes and books. The room was originally the living room so it wasn’t really conducive to being a bedroom.

I like a challenge though and really wanted the living space at the back overlooking the garden.

The front of the house is south facing, so the bedroom is lovely and bright. It looks much bigger now all the clutter has been removed and feels like a proper sanctuary.

I opted for hanging rails rather than wardrobes in the end and have 3 in total. Rails kept the cost down and meant I didn’t have to worry about space for doors opening because this was an issue with other necessary items of furniture.

There used to be a chest of drawers and 2 smaller bedside tables but I eventually opted for 2 chests of drawers as bedside tables because they provide more storage. The chest of drawers on the left was 4cm lower than the other and the lamps being different heights just didn’t work for me, so the joiner added some skirting board at the bottom to raise it up. Now it’s painted and has new handles it looks much more in keeping with the room.

There is a big desk along one side and I didn’t really want to replace it, so having no wardrobe doors or sliding wardrobe doors was a must.

In hindsight, I could have moved the radiator to the wall opposite the bed and put wardrobes all along this wall, but the room works well as is and I was keen to having a relaxing room for the first time in 2 years.