Q. Will I recoup the cost of Home Staging?

A. Yes and usually many times over. Staged homes sell for approximately 10% more. Not to mention the cost to your sanity and time spent on the market.

Q. I feel totally overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, can you help?

A. Yes, Sarah knows which jobs are more important and will add the most value to your property.

Q. When should I contact you before putting my home on the market?

A. Ideally a month, so we can talk through options and complete preparatory work such as re-painting, cleaning, rearranging furniture.

Q. My house is already on the market but not selling, can you help?

A. Yes, I would be happy to talk through your options and come up with a plan.

Q. Which payments do you accept?

A. I accept payment on the day by cash or bank transfer.

Q. I have an empty property to dress, can you help?

A. Yes, please contact me to discuss in more detail.

Q. My house is so cluttered, can I put stuff in storage?

A. Yes, I can arrange storage for you.

Q. Is home staging just for those who are ‘well off’ financially?

A. Much can be done on a modest budget if you are prepared to listen and roll your sleeves up.