Home Styling

Your home should reflect your personality and be a comfortable and functional space to eat, sleep, play, socialise and relax.

You don’t need a high-end budget to create a stylish home, as a great deal can be achieved by simply organising, cleaning, painting and re-arranging existing furnishings; leaving you more money for the desirable finishing touches.

Dreaming of a stylish home, but don’t know where to start or believe the ‘look’ you’re after is unachievable within budget?  

Feeling overwhelmed by options or unable to find the right accessories to go with your existing furnishings?

We’ll meet on site to discuss your requirements, aspirations and budget and I’ll survey the room. If you have items in other rooms that are available to use, we’ll look at those too.  Often re-using furnishings in different ways is all that’s required to re-vamp rooms.

I may recommend sorting through your possessions and only keeping items you really love or need.  This is a very liberating experience which helps you feel empowered about re-designing your home.

At this stage you may feel happy to action recommendations yourself, but I can co-ordinate the project and shop for new furniture, accessories or window treatments to complete the room if you prefer.

Contact Sarah at Boutique Abode for more information or to book your Home Styling Consultation today…