York & surrounding areas

Two Hour Consultation £200

This will be undertaken by Sarah at the property, where she will recommend and prioritise any changes to be made for an efficient and profitable sale. Changes are tailor-made to the property and may include repurposing rooms or furniture placement, cleaning, decluttering, accessorising for the target market, fresh paintwork and flooring. She can help with paint colours and answer any questions you have. Sarah can help you move things around in this time (within reason). After the 2 hours you may choose to action the changes yourself or hire Sarah to take care of the rest of the transformation for you.

Furnish Empty Property (POA)

Empty properties appear smaller than they actually are and leave buyers wondering how they might live in the space. As buyers have nothing to look at, they tend to be drawn to blemishes and defects with the building. Dressed properties are more appealing and sell for considerably more, because it’s all about selling an aspirational lifestyle.

Free Consultation (Low Income)

Sarah offers one complimentary 2-hour consultation a week for those on a low income.